29 June 2011

Anish Kapoor's Monumenta 2011

I was dying to see this exhibit. Before I even decided if I was willing to spend my euros for Monumenta, a certain someone must have heard my thoughts and posted an ad in Freecycle that she's giving away a pass for the exhibit.

I went twice. The first try, I came almost closing time so it was too late to view the inside of the installation. I decided to come back the next day which was also the last day. I had to endure long queues for hours twice- the first line to enter Grand Palais, the other to see the interior of the installation.

It was extraordinary. One of the best exhibits I've seen in my life. Absolute goosebumps. As it was the last day there was a concert and poetry reading happening inside. It was a touching scene, as if I was in another dimension. For few minutes, I lost my sense of time and orientation.

The long queues were worth it.

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