20 March 2011

Sahaja Yoga

In this really chaotic world, a taste of peace is sometimes quite pricey. So when one discovers that in an expensive city like Paris, yoga courses are offered for free, it's a little bit like err... nirvana.

Sahaja Yoga, through its volunteers, teaches the secrets on how to achieve inner peace. Don't expect the trendy stretching yoga exercises though as meditation is the core of the courses.

There are two centers in Paris offering meditation courses in French as well as in English. Sahaja Yoga also has centers outside of Paris.

Monday 19h30-21h (in French for students)
Tuesdays 14h-18h/19h30-21h (French)
Wednesdays 19h30-21h (French)
Fridays 18h30-20h (English)
Saturdays 14h30-16h (French)
Espace Fontanelle
38, rue Fondary
75015 Paris (Metro: Emile Zola)

Tuesdays 19h-20h30 (Introductory course in French)
21, rue Cave
75018 Paris (Metro: Chateau Rouge)