07 April 2010


To the bargain hunters, SYMPA is a true destination. Located in the north, it is where one can buy surplus finds from big brands such as Naf Naf, Best Mountain, Petit Bateau, Zara, Diesel, Etam, Mexx, Carling, etc.

Occasionally, SYMPA would drop the already very low price to a much lesser value. If you're lucky, you can discover gem finds for as low as 1 euro.

Or even less...

On one of my trips to the shop, the saleslady changed the price from 1 euro to 10 cents each! For my one euro, I was able to bring home 10 great clothing purchases from Tara Jarmon, Gas, Ralph Lauren, Helmut Lang...

There are around six outlets of Sympa located near Sacre-Coeur.

belts and suspenders at .50 euro each (Sinequanone)

halter at .10 euro (School Rag)

pullover at 1+ euro (Gianfranco Ferre)

skirt/top for 10 cents (Helmut Lang)

Metro: Anvers
Warning: only for the patient hunters

IZIS Paris des Reves

Paris, the dream of many.

And that includes Izis, the photographer who captured the everyday life of Paris since 1930s.

His works are currently exhibited in Hotel de Ville. Shots in black and white, revealing intriguing moments of the city in the past.

(Quite amusing to see photos of La Seine with plenty of fishing activities going on)

Hotel de Ville
January 20-May 29

04 April 2010

Semaine du Developpement Durable

Bio is in.

Recycling is in.

Energy conservation is in.

Take a peek at the environmentally friendly France of the future.
April 1-5
rue l'Amiral de Coligny (M:Louvre-Rivoli)