05 March 2010

Le Relais

I have this sickness in which I always have the urge to give away my clothes. It helps me uncling to my past and brings in room for the new.

And so it was near heaven when I discovered Le Relais.

Le Relais has several collection boxes in strategic areas for people who want to give away their unwanted clothes, shoes and bags. Quite convenient for those who find Freecycle too complicated and too time-consuming, or for those who are just plain allergic to human interaction.

Once collected, the donated items are then segregated into several categories. A small percentage stays in France and are sold in thrift shops, some are exported and experience new life in other countries, while the rest go to a recycling center.

To top it all, with your old clothes, you help in the creation of more jobs in France, and perhaps in other countries too.

"On valorise les gens comme on valorise les vetements."

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