19 March 2010

Competences et Talents Visa Add-ons (Philippines)

Unfortunately, the Competences et Talents visa is not free anymore. Once your application is approved, you need 99 euros to make it fully yours. Aside from that, you need to submit another set of requirements before the embassy sticks the visa into your passport.

Sourced from a friend who was recently awarded the Competences et Talents visa, here's the list of additional requirements:
-copy of health insurance (from accredited companies)
-proof of means of support (bank statements, guarantor)
-flight details
-proof of accommodation in France (Attestation d'Accueil from your host/hotel reservation)

You are only given three months to produce the requirements and use up the visa. If not, you're back to zero and would have to re-apply.


ciaobelle said...
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jelalyn said...

Sure. I'll wait for your e-mail.

ciaobelle said...
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necel said...

HI Jelalyn,

Can I also email send you and email since I also have some questions that maybe you ro your friend can answer regarding the Talent visa? Thanks sis! :)

jelalyn said...

Hi Necel,

Sure. I'll wait for your e-mail.

Finally Frugal said...

Hi Jelalyn,

Thanks for writing your wonderful blog! I'm considering a move to Paris in the next couple of years. Would you mind letting me know what your 'project' was that allowed you to get the Competences et Talents visa? How have you fared now that you're in France (well, I'm assuming, since you're still there?)

If you don't want to post publicly, you can email me at finally_frugal AT yahoo DOT com.


micadart said...

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Hi Micadart,

Thank you!!!

Mek Yambao said...

Hi Jelalyn,

I came across your blosposts and you cannot believe how happy I was to find out that there's such thing as a Competences et Talents Visa. But I noticed your posts were from years ago, do you think they still have this kind of visa? And when granted this visa, would it still be possible to apply for another long stay visa after the extended 6 years? I'm just curious just in case I would decide to settle for good in the future. It would be really great if you could reply. You can email me at mekyambao (at) gmail (dot) com, also.

Thank you so much, you're an angel. :-)