18 February 2010

Change of Address

As if relocating is not stressful enough, I had to return to the Prefecture de Police to inform the beloved authorities that I've changed my address. Obligatoire. One of those adult things that I wish my mother would do for me. But as I am in France (and my mother isn't), I had to muster enough strength to wake up early and face the unknown. This time without a translator with me.

I actually made a mistake the first time. I was told that I only had to go to the Commissariat in my district to change my address. But as my Carte de Sejour is addressed in Hauts-de-Seine and not in Paris, I was instructed to go to the Prefecture de Police instead. You only go the Commissariat if it's a Paris-to-Paris change of address.

Usually one must dial any of these numbers first to set a rendez-vous: 0153212550/0153715371/0153735373

You also have the option to make a rendez-vous online:

But in my case, I was instructed to head straight to Bureau 1708 (escalier F, 1st floor), without setting an appointment (note: this Bureau entertains concerns from 9am-12noon only).

For the recipients of Competences et Talents visa, these are the necessary requirements for the changement d'adresse:
-copy of your passport
-copy of your Carte de Sejour
-3 ID photos
-copy of your Controle Medicale
-proof of your new address in your name (contract, quittance de loyer, Assurance d'habitation)
-copy of your Lettre de Consul
-any documents related to your "project"(CV/proposal letter/portfolio, etc.)

After about a month, you'd get a call from the Prefecture, informing you to claim your new carte de sejour with your new address on it.

Paris Prefecture de Police: 1 rue de Lutece (Metro: Cite)

For additional infos, please read:

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