18 July 2009

Bastille Day

Fête Nationale turned out to be one of my really favorite events so far. Prelude to July 14, concerts are held right in the middle of Bastille.

And right before Bastille day ended, the entry points toward Eiffel tower are suddenly jampacked with tourists, immigrants and locals as they wait for the grand fireworks display happening at 22h45. I was a bit surprised to have seen that much people and it kinda annoyed me as well. All of the inhabitants of Paris might have been standing or sitting down in that area that fine day. People were squeezing in to get the best spot to view the fireworks, while a few were shouting at policemen for barricading all the strategic points.

But it was all worth it. Although I wasn't in the best spot and while there are trees covering half of my view of the Eiffel tower, I could say that it was the best fireworks display I've seen in my life so far--one of those few reminders that I'm blessed to be here in France.

People flocking in at Passy

Johnny Hallyday

Here's my un-pro video of the fireworks:

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