05 June 2009

Terence Gave Us Roses

Timi, Sol and I were killing time and feet in Rue de la Verrerie when a bunch of gay French greeted us. Although apprehensive, we greeted back. And so began the quick chatting in the street. It was Terence who did most of the talking as he was the only one comfortable in conversing in English among his friends. For that very quick encounter, Terence related his occupation, his Filipino ex-boyfriend (complete with pictures from his wrecked i-Phone), and how he found us "cute".

And because he was so amused by our Asian looks, or maybe because his clear judgment is so clouded with alcohol, he bought and gave each one of us a red rose from a vendor.

It was my first time to receive a rose--in Paris and by a gay guy. But I'm so so glad it came from Terence.

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