10 April 2009

Les Salons

PRÊT À PORTER PARIS® should have been the first trade show I would have attended in Paris. But the date of the event coincided with my job interview and French classes. But that's just an excuse. In truth, I didn't want to let go of my 30 euros for the entrance.

Then came Mess Around-another cool display of fashion paraphernalia. It was free but i got lost looking for Docks de Paris Porte de la Chapelle. When I finally found it, I was already seeing logistics teams packing up the goods.

Oh well...

While initially it was a series of comical unfortunate events, I was finally able to see glimpses of les salons in Paris, albeit of the more alternative nature.

Tmode Le Salon des Créateurs de Mode was held last March 20-22 in Espace d'Animation des Blancs-Manteaux. It was an event held for 90 créateurs of clothes and fashion accessories. It kinda reminded me of Manila's bazaars, but in a more specific level. Entree Libre
Cocktail Creatif was held in a smaller venue in 70 Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud. It was a showcase and sale of goods from six créateurs. ENTRÉE-LIBRE as well.
Le Salon du Vintage was obviously for the vintage lovers. Held April 4-5, it was a meeting place of vintage collectors and enthusiasts. Two floors of 81 rue des Archives were filled with rare vintage pieces from names such as Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Hermes, etc. Cool place, cool music, cool people. It is definitely an event for the spring-break tourists. But since I am not a tourist, a 5 euro-entrance fee wasn't worth it. It paled in comparison to the gem finds in the North flea markets and the Tripp shops around Paris.

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