31 March 2009


After your arrival in France and whenever your cells are ready, you must run to your nearest Prefecture, together with these requirements:

+a copy of your Birth Certificate (translated in French)
+proof of residency (a copy of EDF, Attestation from your landlord, a copy of your landlord's ID)
+4 passport size pictures
+a copy of your Tourist Visa and stamp of arrival
+a copy of your Lettre de delivrance de la Carte Competences et Talents par l'Ambassade de France aux Philippines
+self-addressed white envelope with stamp

I also recommend that you tag along a translator if you're not yet confident with your crude French. You might encounter a nasty officer, so be ready. It's better if you queue in early, especially in Paris, as there are also many immigrants like you who are working their way into the legal circle.

You've given all the right requirements if after a few minutes, the officer hands over your Recepisse De Demande De Carte de Sejour.

TIP: The translation of documents can be quite expensive. Through the recommendation of some acquaintances, I was able to find a translator who's charging only 24 euros per page:

AA Bhatti
18-20 Blvd. Saint-Denis 75010 PARIS
Metro: Strasbourg Saint-Denis (line 9, 4, 8)

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Anonymous said...

Hey jels,

Oh, so the translation of the Birth Certificate is a must? Does it need to be translated by a certified translator?

Your blog is so helpful!

I should be taking notes haha. You might tell me to read your blog whenever I ask you something lol!