18 December 2008

Pay It Forward

The gateway to Paris has finally been opened to me. I've never thought that my fairy godparents would grant me an access to its iron gates. Given so many factors, it used to be like a faraway dream. In fact, for a long time, even though the visa was already in my hands, it felt oh so surreal. It felt like winning a million-dollar lottery. It felt so much more.

And so, as gratitude to this beautiful thing that has happened to me, I've decided to create this blog as a guide to other hopefuls like me. I want to pay it forward.

Corny as it may sound, I can attest that miracles do happen and quantum physics is real. Mixed together, it explodes to something like...Paris for free.


Timi said...

so excited for you to be here girl...we're gonna have the time of our lives! bisoux!

punkskaprincess said...

wow thanks for the tips!