23 December 2008

Buying Euros

Since euro is still a minority in the money exchange business in the Philippines, buying euros is slightly an inconvenient experience. It is not as easy as exchanging those dollars. Since dollar is a universal language, transactions can be done in practically every mall you see. But not euro. The currency is so rare that if you do come across a bank or a center that sells it, you'd have to call first to make a reservation prior to the exchange. You need to state how much and when you intend to pick up the money.

Based on online recommendations, Edzen seems to be one of the best money changers in Manila. It is quite obvious that it has a large stock of euros as publicized by the Euro general scandal. Edzen Money Changer is located in Mabini Street, between Pedro Gil and Salas Street. If you don't like Edzen, there are other exchange centers looming around the place.

The problem with Manila though is that it is a very unsafe place to carry around money. Since I didn't want to die of paranoia I decided to buy my euros in BPI Forex 6750 Branch. It is the best option for me since I have a BPI account. Instead of carrying around cash, I only had to fill out a withdrawal slip and hand it over to the teller. After few minutes of waiting,...voila! The pesos are now in euros.

At the time of my transaction, BPI rate was 1 EUR= Php 64.0827.

Aside from BPI Forex, I also recommend iFX Foreign Exchange Center. It is located in the lower ground of Goldcrest in Glorietta.

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timi said...

are you here now? it's like the 28th now...havent heard from you. gimme a buzz! happy holidays. hope youre not jetlagged or something.